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12th-16th of February in 2018 holds

XXI Moscow International Logistic Forum (MMLF-2018)


Forum, which has been held for 21 years, is the greatestarea in Russia for meetings experts in logistics, supply chain management, transport, warehouse, distribution, and informative technologies, just as for Companies’ owners and top-managers.

Majorityof experts in trading, production and logisticsbelieve thatit is a good tradition for trading, production and logistic companies to start a year with a February Forum events where annual reports, development plans on short-term and medium-term outlooks, companies successful logistics management practices of various fields are discussed.

Management solutions of effective physical goods movements in domestic and foreign markets, covering the whole chain - from raw materials purchases to final customer delivery, will be discussed.

MMLF is a unique event that has no analogues in Russia and CIS countries. The first days of the Forum are devoted (from the 12th of February till the 14th of February) to professional sessions in practical training course «Corporate logistics».

On the 15th of February 16 in program of Professional sessions  - companiesmake reports about personal experience in scope of organization, management and optimization of logistics within the framework of logistics divisions in representatives, transport, warehousing, supply and trade distribution, production and logistics.

In program:

Session  "Experience in organization of transport logistics support of commercial and industrial companies" 

Session B "Experience in logistics organization and company’s expenses optimization"

Session C “Experience in creating and optimization of warehouse, logistics and distributing centers "


On the 15th of February an annual Conference «Logistics and supply chain management: new requirements and decisions» is held in parallel with the program of professional sessions. The main object to hold such event as the Conference is to listen to developer organization representatives’ reports about logistics decisions and technologies.

In program:

Plenary session «Logistics and supply chain management development in Russia: summary of 2016, forecast, new technologies, and solutions»

Panel session 01 “IT solutions for logistics processes management”

Panel session 02 “Automation of warehouse, logistics and distributing centers" 

Panel session 03 “Solutions and technologies for warehouse and logistic centers " 

 Panel session 04 “Logistics of oil and gas companies and large industrial holdings”

Panel session 05 " Logistics processes optimization solutions"

 Panel session 06 “The experience of LEAN adaptation”


There are excursions to the Moscow region’s largest logistics centers on the 16th of February.


You have an opportunity to take part in all Forum events or in some of them.

Every year more than 500 specialists, owners of the largest companies and top managers take part in the Forum events in the fields of logistics, supply chain management, transportation, warehousing, distribution, information technologies!



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