Results of the XXI Moscow International Logistics Forum

This year Moscow International Logistics Forum has beaten all previous records by the number of participants! More than 500 representatives of trade, manufacturing and logistics companies from 29 regions of Russia and 12 foreign countries, including Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Latvia, Greece, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan have visited the main day of the Forum. Jos Marinus, Vice-President of the European Logistic Association (ELA), opened the program of the Forum with his report on topic "End-to-end supply chain management: transparency, innovative approaches and practical recommendations".

MMLF-2018 was remembered by a number of innovations. The main one was experimental Demo-zone – an exhibition space of 420 square meters where products of more than 20 logistics companies were exposed. Visitors could see innovative solutions in demo-zone, both in breaks between sessions, and in a special format of exclusive demo-zone participation. Another innovation was the Workshop session, which allowed participants to receive recommendations from experts on solving specific problems in the logistics of companies with a link to industry specifics, as well as to participate in the discussion of their own questions and cases.

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